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Ready to Read More of God’s Word in 2024?

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See Jesus in solitude and see Jesus with one another this year.

Our goal will not be to read through the Bible in one year, but to go deeper in our reading and meditation on God’s Word which we believe will lead to intimacy with Jesus through Healthy Bible Reading.

In 2024 we are encouraging everyone at Westtown to read through the Bible in solitude, and together, following the same plan.

It has been said that Christians should practice reading the Bible both in breadth and in depth. In 2024, we will continue reading the Bible for depth using a plan developed by Seeing Jesus Together (SJT).

What’s The Plan?

We will be following the SJT/Solitude Bible Reading Plan.

We will be following the SJT/Solitude Bible Reading Plan.

The “Solitude” Bible reading plan, by SJT, will take us through 2 chapters per day, 5 days per week (and 1 additional chapter on a 6th day) – and there are a number of ways to follow along!


Printable PDF

Download this printable PDF, that you can use to follow along all year.


The Seeing Jesus Together App will allow you to read or listen to each day’s reading.

SJT/Solitude Journal

Read through this plan, with the aide of the SJT/Solitude Journal. The SJT/Solitude journal not only includes the reading plan, but also provides space for you to write about what God is teaching you through his Word.

Facebook Group

Maintain community and connection with your church community as we read through the Bible in 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

That is no problem at all. The ultimate goal of this Bible reading journey is to do just that–read the Bible. Reading the Bible each day, for a full year will be challenging. If you miss a day…or a few, just jump back in and keep going. If you are new to Westtown, or you just decided to start the Bible reading journey with us after the beginning of the new year, great! We’re so thrilled you’ve joined us as we read God’s word together. The only rule here is to encourage each other to open scripture, and breathe life from it. That’s it. Simple, right?

There’s really no correct answer here. While we are using a reading plan from Seeing Jesus Together, which uses the ESV Translation, that doesn’t mean you have to use the ESV translation of the Bible. Feel free to select a translation that is most comfortable and familiar to you. Some translations that we use at Westtown are: ESV, NIV, CSB, NKJV, and NASB.

This Bible reading plan, by SJT, is designed to help you go deeper in your reading and meditation on God’s Word, which we believe will lead to intimacy with Jesus through Healthy Bible Reading. It focuses on two main ways of reading the Bible: (1) In Solitude and (2) With One Another. So, you will be encouraged to do both of these, throughout the year, as you read your Bible in 2023.

An additional resource is the Seeing Jesus Together Journal. This includes the same Bible reading plan as the SJT/Solitude Journal, but it also includes space for group discussion and preparation for being together in Sunday morning worship.

From the SJT website: “The ONE ANOTHER Section of SEEING JESUS TOGETHER helps 3-5 Christians Embody and Experience Jesus through the “One Another” Commands of the New Testament.”

We don’t want to discourage you from getting together with others to read through the Bible though. What a sweet time of fellowship and connection that would be! Ultimately, our goal as a church is to keep one another accountable and actively encourage one another to read God’s word throughout the year.

At the moment, we don’t have any Bible studies specifically created to read and study through the Bible. However, we will be encouraging all of the Life Groups at Westtown Church to actively participate and discuss the readings together. We encourage you to join the Reading The Bible With Westtown Facebook Group – here, you’ll be able to discuss and interact with others as our church family is reading through the Bible together.

Commit to Reading the Bible in Breadth and in Depth in 2024

Do You Have Questions About Reading The Bible?

Feel free to share those questions with Pastor Morgan – he’ll be happy to respond and help you and others as we journey through the Bible, together.

Share Your Bible Reading Journey With Others

Taking on a challenge, like reading the Bible in a year, is more fruitful when we do it together, in community.