Serving is one of the best ways to find a sense of belonging within your local church.

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Serving at Westtown Church impacts our guests & the surrounding community in immeasurable ways

At Westtown Church, we believe that serving God and others is central to discovering your purpose, pursuing Christ and becoming a part of what God’s doing in the life of His church and the surrounding community.

Whether you are interested in working with children or youth, greeting guests, brewing coffee, or designing creative sets, there are a variety of volunteer teams that will help you connect, here at Westtown Church.

When you smile at a visitor, take out the trash, or paint a child’s face–you are taking Jesus to the world. Each volunteer who serves, plays a vital role in creating opportunities for lives to be changed, and hearts to be transformed for God’s glory.

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Serving Opportunities

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Serving at Westtown has brought me closer to a community of fellow believers in Christ. Through my work with the Women’s Ministry, Kids’ Town, and a mission opportunity in Miami, I have experienced a deeper transformation of my faith and a more encompassing compassion of love for people and their own personal journeys. I have been so blessed with many new friendships that have enhanced my life, blessed me in faith and strengthen my belief in Jesus Christ.

April Schirmer, Kids' Town and Women's Ministry

We started serving a few years ago- even before we were church members. It was through this service that we grew a desire to belong as members- we wanted to be part of the greater, long term mission at Westtown. We believed in the mission! Christ is our driving factor- when we are tired, “too busy”, and just not motivated, we feel Him. He reminds us in Romans 4 that we each have different gifts, and He will use them for His purpose. We are so grateful to be part of a church body that we know Christ has compelled us to serve!

Bryan & Kim Clarke, Worship and Kids' Town

We have been serving in Kid’s Town as Sunday School teachers as well as VBS and Sports Camp volunteers. Our initial desire to serve came from wanting to support our children’s spiritual education as we seek to raise our children with a strong spiritual foundation and love for our Savior. We have not only been able to connect with our children more deeply spiritually, but other children within the church as well. Each time we serve, we are blessed by the sweet, simple faith that the children exhibit and how freely they trust in God’s goodness and grace.

Mike & Kelly McGuire, Kids' Town, VBS and Sports Camp

To me serving is a form of worship, a way to express gratitude for what Jesus has done for us. Anytime, I participate in the smallest act of service even if it’s making the coffee or just holding the door for someone, it fills my heart.

Amanda Flores, Women's Ministry and Kids' Town

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