Belong Class

God desires us to have a community of fellowship and care.

Belong Class2024-03-29T09:00:36-04:00

Finding your place to belong starts right here.

Everything you need to know to become a member at Westtown Church

Explore what it means to be a Christian, what the Church is about, and how to become a member of Westtown Church.

Becoming a member of Westtown is just one of the things we consider to be an important Next Step in your commitment, not only in your personal walk with Jesus, but also in your journey of making Westtown your Church home.

We’ll walk though the framework and mission of Westtown, with topics such as our beliefs, values and next steps you can take to grow in your own spiritual walk.

Understanding, and supporting, Westtown’s framework, mission and values

This class will not only walk you through the steps to becoming a member at Westtown, but you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of why Westtown Church exists.

We’ll cover these topics and more…

  • Our Mission & Vision
  • Our Core Values

  • The Framework for Our Mission
  • Next Step Opportunities
  • Membership Covenants

  • Membership Commitments

Frequently Asked Questions

Taking any next step at a church is a big decision. We’ve highlighted a few frequently asked questions to hopefully make the decision to attend Belong Class that much easier.

Am I required to join, after taking Belong Class?2020-01-04T07:36:37-05:00

No, you are not required to become a member if you attend this class. Belong Class is designed in such a way to present the information, with time for discussion, and provide guidance on next steps in your faith journey. Becoming a member is one of those next steps and opportunities. However, in order to become a member at Westtown, you are required to attend Belong Class.

Do I have to attend both classes?2023-09-08T16:59:22-04:00

Yes. We wanted to make sure this class had enough margin for both education and participation, so we made it a two-session class (9am Session #1 & 12:15p Session #2). Please make plans to be available for both sessions, on your selected date.

Is Childcare Provided?2020-01-04T07:36:46-05:00

Yes. Childcare is provided, and encouraged. We want you to be able to relax, and focus, as we share our story with you and your family.

What about lunch?2020-01-04T07:36:51-05:00

In most cases, lunch will be provided at the start of each Belong Class. If you are expected to eat before arriving, we will let you know.

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