What Can I Expect When It Comes To The Safety & Expectations of My Child At Westtown Student Ministries?

It has been far too long since we have been able to gather together for Youth Group at Westtown Church.  We are looking forward to hanging out with students, having fun, and worshiping our Lord together. 

Regardless of your decision, to join in-person or not, please exercise grace toward others whose decisions and personal choices differ from your own. There is no “one size fits all” solution to the COVID-19 situation. Therefore, we have chosen the path of providing options for our students.  That way the student and their families can make the decisions they need to be safe.  

We are strongly encouraging students to wash their hands, use sanitizing stations, social distance, and wear masks when indoors.  We will have masks available for those who do not have one. We understand some students may choose not to wear a mask, and we want to emphasize that this choice is still up to each individual. While we are permitted to gather for Youth Group now, we are not encouraging nor suggesting every student needs to do so. We sincerely urge each family to take the best precautions you can for your own health and safety.

Some Helpful Guidelines and Things to Consider:

  • We will require masks during worship and the lesson. During this time it is particularly difficult to social distance and therefore we are requiring students and leaders to please wear their mask at these times in our Youth Group services.

  • Youth small groups are available for those who do not yet feel comfortable in larger group settings.

  • Youth volunteers will wash their hands / use sanitizing stations often, and will encourage students to do so.

  • Food served will be handed out individually by volunteers with masks and gloves.

  • We will encourage practicing social distancing between students.

  • We are encouraging students to wear masks upon coming indoors, and will provide one for those who do not have one.  We have set aside a designated area in our youth room for those who feel more comfortable around others who are also wearing masks.  We will ensure that students respect those around them by keeping their mask on at all times, if they are seated in this section.

  • If you are experiencing any symptoms resembling Covid-19 or feeling sick in any way, please stay home!  The best way to keep Youth Group safe is to come only if you are feeling healthy.

  • Students will need to be registered, before coming to either Middle School OR High School Youth Group, to help us create a safer environment for everyone involved, and to help us keep you more informed and up to date at Westtown Student Ministries.

Thank you for your cooperative and unified attitude you have shown during this unusual season. Returning to a “normal” Youth Group will be more of a process than an event. We are hopeful that as the weeks progress we will be able to return gradually to a more normalized life in every way, including as a church family.

We will continue to monitor the conditions and standards and adjust as necessary. If you ever have any questions, please reach out to us.

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